Metamorphoses 2018

What is LiègeTogether ?

LiègeTogether is a collection of actions with one objective: to improve the perception of the city of Liège. We want more inhabitants, more students, more investors and more visitors. And for us to be viewed differently, as we are.

As part of a comprehensive regional marketing approach, LiègeTogether's objective is two-pronged: to bring together all stakeholders in the city of Liège, and to promote the latter throughout Belgium and abroad through a shared identity. 

LiègeTogether is the mark of our city in actions, which gathers and brings together.

LiègeTogether also comprises international events in the city of Liège, which are used to promote the city. 

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L etr

11,7 km de ligne
45m de longueur
310 passagers par tram
62 places assises par tram
3,60 mètres de haut
2,65 mètres de largeur

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Le signe de ralliement LiègeTogether

Métamorphoses 2016

Liège Tendances Numériques

Les Lettres géantes LiègeTogether

Les Lettres géantes LiègeTogether

Ca y est, elles sont là ! Dès ce 2 juillet, à l'occasion du Tour de France, la sculpture urbaine LiègeTogether, les lettres géantes, se dévoile aux pieds de la Gare des Guillemins. On s'y prend en photo ? 

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